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Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) provides tuition management services for K-12 schools, campus commerce solutions for higher education institutions, and payment processing solutions for municipalities. Their comprehensive suite of services includes automated billing and payment processing, commerce management, tuition payment plans, financial aid assessment, cashiering solutions, and student refunds. These services are used by approximately 700 higher education campuses, 5,500 K-12 schools, nearly 2 million students and families nationwide, and 85 municipality locations.

K-12 Solutions

A company dedicated to serving K-12 schools, FACTS Management Company offers tuition management and payment processing services, financial aid assessment, and donor services to private and faith-based schools.
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Higher Education Solutions

Nelnet Business Solutions focuses on campus commerce solutions for higher education institutions by providing a robust suite of services—including eBilling & ePayment, Actively-Managed Tuition Payment Plans, Commerce Management, Cashiering, and Student Refunds—within a PCI Level 1 compliant environment.
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Transaction Solutions

NTS' line of payment processing solutions provide revolutionary software and PCI-compliant payment services to municipalities, customizing a secure payment transaction platform within the city's existing website.
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