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Nelnet has serviced government student loans for more than 30 years. Our U.S.-based staff provides customer-focused, high-quality loan servicing through our process-based business operations and premier technology solutions. As a full-service vendor, we provide application processing, underwriting, fund disbursement, payment processing, default aversion, and more for our student loan portfolio and our clients, including the Department of Education.
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We Partner With Schools

As a dedicated school partner, Nelnet offers schools and their students helpful online tools and resources. We are committed to providing first-class customer service to our school customers, and we strive to be a superior servicing resource by providing schools with clear, consistent communication and accessibility.
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Financial Literacy

We want to help you promote financial wellness to students. Our Money Mondays webinars cover topics from across the financial spectrum. You may also download, print, and distribute PDFs covering various financial topics like money management, responsible credit, and budgets.
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Education has to match the speed of new regulation. When you or your colleagues need a refresher on topics such as delinquency management, counseling students via social media, compliance, and NSLDS—turn to our Webinar Wednesdays.
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This tool for schools allows you to access and report upon both lender-owned and Department of Education-owned loans serviced by Nelnet. Your third-party default management servicer may also use Nsight with appropriate documentation.
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Jim's Blog

Stay up-to-date with regular visits to the blog of Jim Harris, Partner Solutions National Director. Jim brings a friendly, knowledgeable voice to the world of financial aid and covers best practices, tips and tricks, industry news, conferences, and FAQs.
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