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The ALLO Story

In 2003, we decided that we deserved more from our communications providers. We were done with lackluster, expensive telephone and internet services, and customer experiences that left us dissatisfied and disappointed. We started ALLO because we believed our communities needed something better.

ALLO was founded in Imperial, Nebraska and has rapidly grown to meet demands for better communications services in many communities. Our first customers were our neighbors, making customer satisfaction not just local, but personal. Where other providers fall short, ALLO reaches further.

ALLO provides superior communications and entertainment services including broadband internet, phone, and TV with honest customer service for businesses and homes. Our fiber-optic technology keeps us (and you) moving forward, literally at the speed of light. ALLO is changing the standards for the industry, because we all deserve better service.


We provide greater access to the world through superior business and residential service with fiber-optic technology and exceptional support. We’re dedicated to delivering a drastically different experience because we see our customers as neighbors, not numbers. We’re thinking forward and we’re thinking big, so our customers and our communities don’t get left behind.

What is Fiber?

Fiber technology has revolutionized the way we connect our homes and businesses. Where copper cables used to be king, glass-cored fiber cables can literally move data at the speed of light, making them the latest and greatest technology. The fiber cable’s glass core means that connections are less affected by weather. And our fiber connects directly to your home or business. Let us repeat: you have incredibly fast, fiber-optic cable connected directly to your home or business (so you don’t have to share service with your neighbors) for the most modern connection available on the market.

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ALLO’s Fiber Offerings

Internet and Broadband

ALLO combines the power of fiber with industry-leading equipment so that you can connect more than 100 devices to your ALLO provided wireless router or to your business systems. Speaking of speed, ALLO goes all the way to 1 GIG at home, which is 40x faster than the industry standard and has all the features you need to move your business forward.


Don’t wait for your movies to buffer. Fiber-connected TV service gives you instant channel changing with no delay, wireless set top boxes, and DVR that works on every TV in the house.


From crystal-clear connections in your home to 1,000s of simultaneous calls to your business, ALLO provides a consistent connection with all the important features and redundancy.

ALLO’s History

2003: ALLO opens in Imperial, NE with three employees and a mission to change the communications landscape in Nebraska.

2005: ALLO lights up its first fiber community.

2007: ALLO opens fiber service in its fourth city.

2007: The world’s first smartphone debuts from Apple.

2013: The average US internet speed is 10Mbps. ALLO debuts GIG internet (1000 Mbps), offering speed 100x faster than the national average.

2015: Nelnet acquires ALLO and provides the capital investment for Lincoln, NE.

2016: ALLO’s team grows from 80 to over 300.

Fiber-Fast Facts

  • ALLO provides communications services through fiber-optic cables, rather than copper, providing faster and more reliable services – even during peak usage times.
  • Fiber connections are less affected by weather, thanks to its glass core.
  • ALLO’s fiber service connects directly to your home or business. Finally, broadband and internet service that goes above and beyond.
  • ALLO’s home internet router, the GigaCenter™, supports 100+ devices at once.
  • The speed of fiber means you can download an HD movie in 7 seconds, download a song in .03 seconds, or download 100 photos in 3 seconds, thanks to our 1 GIG connection.

How Fiber Is Installed

Before you even hear about ALLO in your town, we’re working with the city to design the fiber cable paths throughout your community.

We partner with local contractors to help us build the duct-work and infrastructure needed to make your neighborhood fiber fast. Markers, flags, and digging may be required. ALLO will notify you in advance.

Our splicing team accesses each splice vault and pedestal throughout the city to fuse the individual fibers that will eventually connect to your home or business. Then we test the speed of light as it passes through the fiber to make sure your connection is GIG-fast.

When you request ALLO service, our team will connect the fiber from the pedestal to your home or business in preparation for installation.


Brad Moline

Brad Moline


Brad built his career holding several senior positions with organizations across the U.S. that were focused on finance and business growth before returning with his family to Nebraska. Developing public and private companies has been Brad’s focus throughout his business career. Brad holds a degree in business administration, with distinction, from the University of Nebraska.

Jeff Kuenne

Jeff Kuenne

Executive Vice President of Network Operations

Jeff oversees network design and implementation for ALLO as the executive vice president of network operations. Jeff is an accomplished engineer and has over two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. Jeff was the chief technologist in charge of the next-generation network for Birch Telecom in Kansas City. He also led the development of the network operation center for Sprint’s wireless division. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas.

Allison O’Neil

Allison O’Neil

Vice President of Customer Operations

Allison oversees every aspect of the customer experience and strives to maintain our culture as a customer-focused business. A member of the original ALLO team, she has been with the company since 2004. Allison earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She built a strong background as a financial analyst in Kansas City with GilmoreBell before returning home to Imperial to join ALLO.

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