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About Peterson's Publishing

Peterson's has been a leader in academic publishing for more than 45 years. We have a suite of products that provide the personalized education content and guidance you need to succeed—because regardless of where you are on your academic or professional path, you can depend on Peterson's Publishing.

Booksellers and Wholesalers

Peterson's Publishing provides the best in test prep, education exploration, financial aid, and career success tools and resources. Peterson's Publishing is distributed by Hachette Book Group. We fully support our clients' selling efforts with competitive discounts, first-class customer care, and a full staff of knowledgeable Hachette account managers.
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Librarians and Educators

Our bestselling school directories deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information to students at every point on their educational journey. Titles cover private secondary schools, two- and four-year colleges, nursing programs, and graduate schools and programs; test prep for admission to a private high school, college, or grad school; financial aid and scholarships; exam preparation for the military and professional certification.
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Suppliers, Permissions, and Authors

As our manufacturing needs evolve and change, we are always looking for new suppliers. If you are a vendor wishing to partner with Peterson’s Publishing, please use our supplier form to tell us about your offerings.
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Online Book Store

You have seen Peterson’s Publishing products at your local library, school, or bookstore, but now you can purchase them directly through our secure Online Bookstore. Browse our titles and put you and your students in the best position to succeed. Whether you are focused on test preparation, education exploration, or career success, the right resource is just a click away.
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