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More than 40 million Americans are burdened by student loan debt. Monthly payments can often feel unmanageable to recent grads and those who have been out of school for a while. For others, it’s just as much of a burden to find the money to cover education costs when federal loans have been exhausted.

So we decided it was time to help.

U-fi, a Nelnet company, provides private loan origination and servicing to help students reach their educational goals and make smart financial decisions. We achieve this by providing simple, helpful student loan solutions with competitive borrower benefits, financial wellness resources, and more.

Built on Nelnet’s solid foundation of more than 40 years of student loan expertise and dedication to student success, U-fi creates graduate and undergraduate private student loans and student loan refinancing options that are simple, easy to understand, and accessible. With features like low interest rates, cosigner release options, and flexible payment terms, we want to make paying for school as painless as possible.

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